The Spheres Of Fashion

19th October’ 2017:

The modus operandi of bespoke fashion involves a lot of facets whilst designing the garments for the customers as he is the main focal point from every angle. Every thread is weaved and stitched keeping in mind the styling option selected by him, choice of accessories, short listing of colours, and very importantly, the mixture of fabrics that gives the final edge and definition to the bespoke outfit. Fabrics play a very significant role in the field of fashion industry as the proper choice has to suit the body type of customer, type of occasion and wide range of shades.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the brilliant Hong Kong Custom Tailors are the veterans in the fraternity of fashion as we have been setting trends for more than three decades with the selection of best fabrics and are stepping down to your city very soon making you explore the play of fabrics.

Velvet: Being the best Custom Tailors in Lyon, we incorporate velvet for making blazers and jackets for red carpet events and cocktail functions as its shine and sheen make you stand out from the rest of your contemporaries.

Linen: Staying true to our label of outstanding Bespoke Tailors in Lyon, we suggest wearing linen shirts, pants and even suits during summers. We provide array of summer shades of pastels, whites and natural colours bringing out the best in you.

Leather: The contemporary shades like tan brown and charcoal black are used for tailoring the leather jackets for the customers who love a modern and urban twist to their wardrobe.

Apart from using above mentioned fabrics, we procure other materials like cotton, polyester and others from best of the mills for handcrafting Quality Suit in Lyon and other garments.

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