High And Above The city of New York is on the wish list of many owning to its beautiful cityscape, modern outlook towards life, insurmountable technological advancements and the overall aura of the town. Many set their travel goals in and around the city as the experience and feel itself gives a new high. Another facet for which the city of New York is quite famous is for its fashion sense. It is edgy, contemporary, chic and urban; just like its lifestyle. Fashion here gets a new meaning and if you have a hand holding by the style masters themselves, then the goals have toRead More →

14th and 15th December‘ 2015: Meet L & K Bespoke Tailor from Hong Kong – The Perfect Hong Kong Tailors in Dallas, TX, USA. It takes a lot to be on the top and rule the roost in the fashion market that is ever dynamic and faces competition each and everyday with new players entering the industry. Achieving perfection is not an easy task. Ample of time goes in market research, understanding new styles and trends, addressing the needs of customers, balancing hectic delivery schedules and coping up with ever changing business environment. Raising the bar of excellence and still sticking to the roots ofRead More →