Hong Kong Custom Tailor for suit alterations For suit alterations in Hong Kong, it is possible to have fabric removed in order to make a suit smaller, however, attempting to make something bigger can be more challenging. This depends largely on the allowances of extra material that were built into the suit during its manufacturing process. Depending on how much surplus fabric was used when creating the suit, more or less alteration may be possible. Generally speaking, making something larger with suit alterations is not an option that should be pursued and any significant size variation should ideally start from the beginning of suit selectionRead More →

Bespoke Custom Made Tuxedo Online Different Styles of tuxedos available   There is no shortage of different styles of tuxedos available for today’s modern man. From traditional tails to contemporary shawl collars and custom made tuxedos, the perfect formal wear for a special occasion can easily be found. One can go for a single-breasted slim fit peak lapel tuxedo for a classic look, or opt for something edgier such as a double-breasted peaked shawl collar. When a custom tailored suit is desired then custom made tuxedos are an excellent choice – they’ll fit perfectly and make you look like the best dressed in the room!Read More →