The Fashion Supremacy There is an age old saying that the God lies in the detailing. For any product or the service to come out in its full glorification and magnanimity, the artist needs to have a keen eye of detail and sheer intricacies involved in his craft that makes him stand apart from the rest of his contemporaries with the magical wand of perfection that he has earned with the hard work and dedication towards his work. The above said case suits perfectly to the fraternity of fashion as well, with the master designers treating their work as an art and not just mereRead More →

Carved To Perfection 13th June’ 2017: Every since our childhood years and during our entire life journey, we have been taught to have the quality of competitive edge within ourselves. It is duly applicable to each and every facet of life right from personal relationships extending to the professional commitments, and within this gap, all other elements are also covered. One of them is to be at the forefront of fashion by adorning outfits and accessories with much aplomb.   We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the revolutionary Tailors in Dayton Ohio are coming to see you in a very short period of timeRead More →