The Best Of Luxury 29th October’ 2017: The theory and concept of fashion are quite layered in itself and it is not the business of many designers and stylists to understand its intricacies in the most efficient manner. Right from the latest styles that are ruling the market to the ones that have a futuristic approach to staying astute to the realms of quality and class; a lot goes into the making of a perfect bespoke fashion outfit that makes the customer happy and satisfied to the core. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the most sought after Custom Tailors in Geneva have ourRead More →

The Class of Custom – Made 24th October’ 2016: The concept of bespoke fashion has been the most acclaimed and renowned amongst the fashion lovers and stylist all across the globe. The customer is always at the focal point of each and every stitch and entire process of tailoring the garments plus quality is unmatched as compared to the ready made garments. Another big plus that is vouched by its lovers, is that budget of the garment is as per the customer as they are involved in every facet right from fabric selection to final delivery. Bespoke fashion is truly ruling the roost. We atRead More →