Best Times To Wear A Double-Breasted Suit   The double-breasted suit is a timeless classic that epitomizes elegance and sophistication. Though it has been popular for centuries, it can be tricky to wear. Here are some guidelines for when to wear a double-breasted suit.     – A double-breasted suit should generally be reserved for formal occasions. It is an ideal choice for a wedding, a business meeting, or a black-tie event. – When choosing a double-breasted suit, it is important to get the fit right. The jacket should be well-tailored so that it flatters your figure without looking too tight or too loose. –Read More →

Cast a Stylish Spell To get that required edge and charisma at any walk of life whilst accomplishing the objectives, one always has to stay ahead of the contemporaries by trying out something novel and path breaking. The same case applies in the field of fashion as well, where the stylist along with his muse has to up the stakes of fashion to carve out styles and patterns that form a new yardstick, setting an example for one and all. We at L & k Bespoke Tailor are top rated Tripadvisor Hong Kong Tailor amongst our loyal clientele and fashion lovers across the world asRead More →