Style And More 24th and 25th April’ 2017: It is our human nature to always desire for something more and better of what we have, and it is also a very good sign to be taken in a very positive way. It imbibes us with a sense of confidence to attain all the worldly tasks and reaping benefits in bounty. The same case applies in the field of fashion as well, the more it is, the merrier we are. Fashion outfits for every occasion, event and daily wear making us put a stylish foot forward. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Best TailorsRead More →

The Right Moves The game of fashion is always interesting to play as there is something or the other new to offer on the table. Being the most dynamic industry, there is an array of style trends, latest fashionable garments and wide range of accessories in the market to try out at various occasions making a statement. Even the customer nowadays is quite smart and full of insights owning to his understanding the yardstick of quality and knows the styles, brands and fits that will suit him the best and this is the reason he opts for bespoke fashion outfits as they more comfortable andRead More →