The Ultimate Guide for Men Who Want Perfectly Fitted Suits, Shirts and More You might be wondering why it is important to get your clothing made to measure. First and foremost, it ensures that your clothing fits you perfectly. There is nothing worse than wearing ill-fitting clothes; not only does it make you look bad but it feels even worse. With made-to-measure clothing, you can rest assured knowing that your clothes will fit you like a glove. Secondly, getting your clothing made to measure allows you to have a say in the design process. You can choose the specific fabrics, colors, and styles that youRead More →

Custom-Made Luxury 12th December’ 2016: Within the luxury of fashion, what is better than custom made luxury…The customer is always kept at the center point of every weave and stitch with the host of designers, masters and craftsmen are at dedicated customer service making a note of his exact measurements, style specifications and fashion preferences. This is the cast and power of bespoke fashion, where a customer is always in a happy space getting converted as the best brand ambassador for the designer. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the acclaimed Hong Kong Tailors are Visiting Sacramento CA in a very short span ofRead More →