Look Glamorous 15th October’ 2017: Getting out in the world out there and raising the bar of style and fashion with choices that are out of the box terming you as a top fashion personality is not a task many can work and undertake. And the ones who have the courage and ability to up their fashion stakes are the real ambassadors of style with people following them as their ardent supporters and fans waiting for their next appearance to arrive so that they can just sit back taking notes and getting inspired by their very own fashion icon. We at L & K BespokeRead More →

Fashion And You The term bespoke has many layers such as customization, perfect tailoring concepts, customer-centric, quality and much more but one very vital facet is personal tailoring making it the most loved fashion concept. In bespoke tailoring, your stylist and designer gives you all the personal attention with your involvement right from selection of fabrics, budget discussions to final delivery schedule; they are with you at each and every step. This trait results the outfits coming out in their full glory making you look stylish to the core. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the acclaimed Hong Kong Bespoke Tailor are renowned forRead More →