Revamp Your Fashion Wardrobe Gone are those days when the fashion choices for men were quite limited and there was not much on style front too, confiding their persona to a restricted aura of fashion. But with the changing times and revolution in the industry, the opportunities are limitless with an array of outfits, accessories, and styles on the radar for men making them look more desirable defining their ever charming charisma. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the finest Hong Kong Tailor is on the UK Tour is stepping down to your city very shortly to make a refreshing change of fashion toRead More →

High And Above The city of New York is on the wish list of many owning to its beautiful cityscape, modern outlook towards life, insurmountable technological advancements and the overall aura of the town. Many set their travel goals in and around the city as the experience and feel itself gives a new high. Another facet for which the city of New York is quite famous is for its fashion sense. It is edgy, contemporary, chic and urban; just like its lifestyle. Fashion here gets a new meaning and if you have a hand holding by the style masters themselves, then the goals have toRead More →