Fashion & You 4th and 5th April’ 2017: As we go ahead on the path on life, we always need an expert advice at each and every step. Amidst all the chaos of achieving worldly tasks and fulfilling our personal and professional commitments, we come across certain trying times from which only an expert can rescue us with his knowledge and experience. The same case applies in the field of fashion as well; to look at our best we need an expert designer or stylist who understands our fashion requirements and detailed specifications. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the acclaimed Bespoke Tailors inRead More →

Style Is Freedom 7th and 8th March’ 2016 Bespoke dressing has its own aura, impeccable fits, glorious charm and luxury that is unmatched and flawless. Fashion garments that made with bespoke techniques are totally made to measure and are hand cut and hand crafted with best of sewing measures and machines. They are tailored keeping in mind the body language, specifications, taste and choice of the customer also considering the occasion for which the specific garment has to be worn and a thorough check on weather is also mulled over. With so many factors taken into account, bespoke dressing has earned that fame and reputeRead More →