Hong Kong Custom Tailor for suit alterations For suit alterations in Hong Kong, it is possible to have fabric removed in order to make a suit smaller, however, attempting to make something bigger can be more challenging. This depends largely on the allowances of extra material that were built into the suit during its manufacturing process. Depending on how much surplus fabric was used when creating the suit, more or less alteration may be possible. Generally speaking, making something larger with suit alterations is not an option that should be pursued and any significant size variation should ideally start from the beginning of suit selectionRead More →

What to expect when you go in for a suit alteration Alterations with mens suits can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on the individual’s preference. The men’s suit alteration service typically involves inspecting the garment, marking it according to measurements, and then using a specialized sewing machine to make adjustments accordingly. It is always best to come in knowing exactly what you’d like changed as this will help your alterationist best understand how to make sure you get the perfect results. If there are any questions about mens suit alterations, don’t hesitate to inquire with L & K CustomRead More →