Your suit’s essential Accessories

Suits go well in all forms , a suit is the most preferable apparel over others for many events and occasions but there are many essential accessories, and wearable’s which complements the suit and completes it. Accessories depends on the type of suit which can be of many types such as Tuxedo suit, long coat suit , 3 piece suit and many others, these suit relevant accessories are usually which are carried with suit such as Pocket Squares, Ties, Bow ties, brooches , tie pin, button hole pin, cummerbund and many more.


Pocket Square –

Pocket squares area type of fabric which is partially inside the pocket and partially exposed from the pocket , pocket squares are usually of satin fabric , but in the recent times pocket squares are preferred in almost all types of fabrics, the color of pocket square depends on the color of tie, bow tie, or it is in contrast with the shirt color.


Bow Ties-

The ties came into existence in the early 19th century when British groups of the higher class started the black tie code and it also started a culture of dinner parties with the black tie dress code which leaded to evolve the Bow tie , as the tuxedoes came into existence these bow ties became famous , the color of these types of ties should be black if the blazer is black, the color of bow tie has been same as the jacket color since ages but recently many styles have a color contrast to the shirt color or the jacket color.



Brooches are objects , which are mostly metallic and are mostly attached on the jackets lapel, brooches can be of any shape and the shapes and sizes are derived from abstract art, animals, and other objects even from different type of flowers , brooches makes the jacket a bit fancy on the style quotient and are mostly preferred at the time of a non formal event, weddings and other festive events.


Cummerbund  –

Cummerbund is a fabric which acts like a belt but a wider version on the width quotient and keeps the tucked shirt and the pants belt hoops section intact, this is mostly preferred with tuxedoes and 3 piece suits which does not includes a waist coat, as cummerbund is usually of silk or satin cloth this usually matches the bow tie, or the jacket color.


Tie Clips-

Tie clips are usually preferred with the thin ties, where as these types of clip helps ties to be attached with the shirts front pleat, tie clips usually a build out with metal , and because of its build quality tie clips can hold many diamonds, pearls or gems, tie clips with diamonds or shiny gems are also fancy these days where as classy ones with only silver or gold colored clips are still in fashion.


Button Hole pin-

These are metal pins which settles inside the hole of the button , usually it is preferred on the lapels, or he collar button holes, these pins have a little fabric on the top of it which is mostly a shape of flower . these flower shaped fabric colors are usually with contrast to the shirt color, or the pocket square color.

At LK tailor we have expertise in these accessories , we have been trading in these types of accessories since ages, and we know what exactly will go with your suit , shirt and other relevant apparels. We have been working on many of these accessories combinations and have come up with many stylish options for suits and shirts.