office-wear-for-womenLK Tailor has a long history of producing women’s tailor-made clothing. Our archives span over years and embody an enormous fashion lines for ladies suits. several of society’s most glamorous women wanted the expertise of our cutters and tailors to fulfill their need for elegant and ingratiatory  formal suits, shooting attire and even blazers for women and tailor made coats. LK tailor has made to the top of the Bespoke tailoring names today with a bespoke culture for both men and women.

Today, women’s tailor-made craft continues to play a big role inside LK Tailor. it’s thrived over the years beneath the guidance of its founders Michael Lalwani & Kenny Mirpuri. They each have intensive expertise as a women’s wear couturier and lend their experience to each space of a woman’s wardrobe. Our women’s tailor-made team currently produces subtle tailored apparel for work and also the town. LK Tailor’s portfolio of labor demonstrates the scope and breadth of fashion that women’s dressmaking craft brings with it and also the ability of our team of cutters and seamstresses to form exquisite and distinctive items and work to any transient.

In directional women’s tailor-made craft at LK Tailor,Michael& Kenny demonstrates associated acute sensibility and aptitude for kind and fashion, with clothes designed to figure consonant with the figure. clothing is cut with a woman in mind and is also enhanced with details like softer canvassing, silk linings, subtle trimmings and delightful materials starting from ancient worsteds, through to rough tweeds, jacquards, cashmeres and silks. Michael & Kenny and their team work with a number of the world’s best textile houses to offer a variety of choice.

Bespoke in general is a technique in which one can customize the whole suit by having a free will to chose all the things which comprises a suit from lapels, collar style , pocket styles, cuff styles, single breasted or double breasted suit style, from buttons to the thread color each and everything is customized in the bespoke tailoring which brings an extra style factor in the wardrobe.

LK Tailor to compliment on top of everything is always on a sales tour so that you can have the opportunity even if you are not planning to visit in hong kong, you can have the Hand made & Hand cut women’s bespoke suits in your native places, you can find the sales tour section for more details.