Deciding between a tuxedo and 3-piece suit for your wedding?

L & K Bespoke Tailors is positioned in popular tailors in Hong Kong and with the superior quality bespoke tailoring service; we are also among best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong. The qualified bespoke tailors in the team are experienced in designing wedding outfits and hence here is a brief note about tuxedos and 3-piece suit for your wedding day.


The fashionable style and trend of tuxedo is also known as dinner jackets and is highly preferred by younger aged guys. According to common idea of top 10 tailors in Hong Kong and abroad, Tuxedo for weddings is not highly recommended or preferred in Britain in comparison to America. Best custom tailors do suggest that tuxedos are more of an evening wear and it is a great choice for wedding reception party or so. We would still not deny to the facts about fashionable look one derive with the tuxedo and a bow-tie mostly in black which is highlighted in the V look and silky lapels rightly teamed up with perfect pair of shoes. You can always decide it after talking to your bespoke tailor and finding appropriate suggests for your body type. Wearing a tuxedo for wedding is definitely a memory to keep along all your life.

3- Piece suits:

A three piece suit is more like a traditional weeding outfit as described by most of the best tailors in Hong Kong who have spent a lot of their time crafting wedding suits for gentlemen. Variety and different options is something which you always are available with when it comes to suits. You get single breasted suit, double breasted suits or 3- piece suits. The advantage of getting a wedding as suit over tuxedo is the practical usage of the garment in future life is more and the value for your money spent will be worth. You can always use your suit with or without your waist coat in professional life. You can prefect panache and confidence to your wedding look with a suit which your body is already comfortable to carry and you feel more of yourself.

We believe our ideas and thoughts shall help you decide your wedding look. You can explore our wedding suits and tuxedo options on our website. L & K Bespoke Tailors looks forward to make your special day grand with best bespoke tailors who are equally reasonable tailor in Hong Kong.