What is the difference between a suit and top coat? Have you been getting this question in your head? Best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong will have the most appropriate explanation for you. Men’s fashion has been having many variations and styles in it, best custom tailors in Hong Kong do maintain the authenticity of apparel. Every garment crafted by bespoke tailor is distinct. Top 10 tailors in Hong Kong suggest clearing the clouds before buyers highlight the features of both top coat and a suit.

When you think about a very bad weather or seasonal change outside on a very important day when you are all suited up for your professional meeting, you are lost in thought about how to stay warmer with the suit? This issue is resolved with perfect top coat or also named as over coat over your suit and attire outfit.

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Top coats are over coats that are long and drop till the knee or even below the knee line, best tailors in Hong Kong rely on only 100% wool made top coats which promises to be durable as well as contribute thoroughgoing practical benefit. According to the popular tailors in Hong Kong the Cashmere fabric is the perfect pick posing the softness required with needed coziness. Long length is the signature pattern of these overcoats but not to forget is that top coats are designed with long sleeves which commit to cover the sleeves of suits and other garments within allowing complete protection form the weather. Bespoke Top coats are custom made on the demand of customers which fit in all the minutiae suggested by the customer. Starting from the number of pockets, hidden pockets to protect the valuable, the buttons, and the length and belt every cut considers the spoken need. Best tailor do provide the tip considering the fitting of a topcoats, not to be forgotten that it will be the outerwear to the other garments like suit and hence needs to have some air and cannot be a complete body fitted.

Learning about the main purpose of top coats the bespoke tailors defines the suit which is again an outer wear but when teamed with a top coat, results to be covered by it. Best tailors in Hong Kong delineates suit as the garment which is mainly a set of jacket and trousers stitched from same fabric. Suits have a wide range of variations considering the design, cuts, patterns and style. Single-breasted suits, double breasted suits, three- piece suits are among the list.

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Bespoke suits are the suits crafted from scratch to the end with every details incorporated into the style desired by the customer. Bespoke tailors are experienced and skilled team of popular tailors who stitch the most tailor fit suit for customer. Suits are available for every occasion and event starting from a daily professional wear suit to a wedding suit, from a semi-casual suit to a prom suit.

These outer wear have varieties available to enhance every celebration. They are crafted from the finest fabric depending upon the need of the customer.

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