Fashion Acumen

The concepts of fashion and style are quite much layered and become a task to break through the same as they keep on reinventing the wheel with every passing season and trends in the market. Hence, it is a mandate to hunt and find a designer or a stylist that makes you understand you own fashion individuality and style sense that matches your persona and lifestyle making you celebrate fashion and style at the same time.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Good Tailors in Philadelphia give you a low down on the style insights that are worthy to take notes, inspiration and follow them whenever we shop for our favourite fashion outfits and accessories.

Being the Best Tailors in Philadelphia, we avoid getting in the chaos of too many prints and design elements in one single attire as less is always more for men’s fashion. If two or more prints complement each other raising the quotient of charismatic style, then it is always worth giving a shot.

The quality of fabrics procured hold the most primal position whilst shopping for outfits ranging from the regular errands to the occasional ones as superior quality materials ensure durability and the glorification of styles opted in the outfit. This trait and objective of our brand have earned us the label of the highly respected Tailors in South Philadelphia.

The finer the cuts, the better the fits; hence, it is mandated to provide exact measurements and fashion preferences to the designer to avoid the fashion faux pas. The fit of the garment should embrace like the second skin in the most efficient manner.

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