Stylish And Affordable

The fashion industry has several facets to it and is quite layered with many factors such as style sense, market research, designing techniques and very important customer service and overall experience. Every successful designer and fashion store understand that customer is the foremost priority as the brand can march further only if the customers are satisfied with the overall experience that comprises of use of fabrics, style selection, understanding his requirements and fashion outfits that fits his budget. This is main nature and objective of bespoke fashion; providing garments that provide impeccable fits as per his taste and specifications plus doesn’t pinch the pocket of the customer.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the affordable Tailors in Pasadena CA offer bespoke fashion outfits and accessories that make you look stylish and suave without making you worry about your budgets as we provide fashion luxury that is compatible with your budgets without making deep holes in your pockets. Being touted as good Custom Tailor in Pasadena by our loyal customers, our collection of bespoke suits and shirts are tailor made using fabrics from best of the mills in various shades, patterns and textures. They are superbly crafted and customized taking care of your taste, style and budget. The suit is further adorned with handpicked range of accessories such as cufflinks, ties, lapel pins and scarves amongst others to add the required pop of color to the outfit making us popular Tailors in Pasadena CA. Our series of blazers, tuxedos, and waist coats, top coats, over coats, leather jackets and sports jackets are on the hit list of the customers owning to their impactful design elements and perfect price range.

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