Look Glamorous

15th October’ 2017:

Getting out in the world out there and raising the bar of style and fashion with choices that are out of the box terming you as a top fashion personality is not a task many can work and undertake. And the ones who have the courage and ability to up their fashion stakes are the real ambassadors of style with people following them as their ardent supporters and fans waiting for their next appearance to arrive so that they can just sit back taking notes and getting inspired by their very own fashion icon.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the superior Brussels Custom Tailor have an undying habit of presenting the collection of the novel and outlandish fashion outfits along with our evergreen collection and are arriving at your city very soon to raise up your fashion ante:

Striped Suit: Being the preferred brand for Bespoke Suits in Brussels, we recommend opting for a striped suit with a crisp white shirt and a silk tie from our collection to look taller and slender. It’s the best option for corporate meets and formal office parties.  

Double breasted jacket: They have made a huge comeback with all the enigma and class. Wear a checkers jacket with a classy satin pocket square from our house to look edgy and dramatic at any cocktail party or high-end social gathering.

Lapel pins: Being the niche Bespoke Tailor in Brussels, we suggest embellishing your bespoke suit with handpicked lapel pins from our assortment that breaks the monotony of the suit adding a pop of color or bling.

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