The Triumph Of Fashion

23rd and 24th October’ 2017:

Life happens and reaps us all the benefits when we actually start to live out of our comfort zone leaving the ordinary at the bay and indulging in something that is out of the box. Even in the line of fashion industry, if something refreshing and edgy is not served on the table there are not many takers of the fashion outfits crafted as everyone today is on the hunt for something new that makes them look affable and class apart.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the famous Hong Kong Custom Tailors in are Visiting Oslo very shortly with our range of edgy and classy bespoke fashion outfits that will make you victorious on style front, like no other:

Checkers: They are making a huge comeback and we being the celebrated Tailor in Oslo are quite manifesting on this latest game of printed styles by offering shirts, trousers, blazers, and sports jackets in series of checks blended with various shades and styles. Checkered pants complimented with solid color shirts make quite a lasting impression.

Solids: They are evergreen in nature and your Best Travelling Hong Kong Tailors offers shirts and other bespoke outfits in the hues of blues, blacks, whites, maroons and many other shades styled with intricate designs of collars, sleeves, and pockets for shirts. They make a perfect choice for office wear, casual meets, and dinner dates making you look good and feel good every single day. The fabric used is of the highest grade and standard defining the realms of quality and class.

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