Look Enigmatic

It is not the fashion choices that make us look good but is the styling of the garment and the way it adorns our body language and lifestyle makes us stand apart. The style is a very important element of fashion that has the power to elevate one’s personality and aura to a new high as the styling of the garment is done as per the precise measurements, specifications, and detailed selection suiting one’s body type. Such are the traits and repute of bespoke fashion.

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We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Best Tailor in Hong Kong Kowloon are the veterans in the field of bespoke fashion crafting each and every thread of the garment keeping in the mind the minutest details of our customers making us carve a niche for our brand in the city of Hong Kong and across borders.

During the very first meeting with our customers, we understand details of the type of occasions, time of wearing the outfit so that the weather status can be determined, and his fashion history so that we can match his levels of comfort zone and ease. These qualities of ours have earned us the tag of the Best Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong.

Considering the above, the next step involves selection of styling to be given to the garment, picking of colors, shortlisting the fabrics, and deciding on the play of accessories understanding the taste, lifestyle, and body language of the customer. We always provide our valuable suggestions to our customers from the very first day to the final delivery schedules.

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