Learn how to measure your body from the best custom tailor in Hong Kong.

Best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong is all set to explain you the basics about learning to measure your own body. L & K Bespoke Tailor is amongst the top 10 tailors in Hong Kong and equally remained to be one of the popular tailors in Hong Kong. The experience and excellence of the company outshines the product designed by best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong.

When you decide to buy bespoke garment for yourself from the best suit tailor in Hong Kong, you should also carry adequate knowledge about understanding your own body measurements. Learning the basics about it is always and added advantage.

  • Have a measuring tape and a notepad with pen handy so that you can record your measurements rightly.
  • Using the measuring tape encircle your neck and measure the neck.
  • The similar manners encircle your chest with the tape, rightly placing the tape below the underarms and measure the chest size.
  • Hold the tape and surround it round the belly to take the measurements of your stomach.
  • To measure the shoulder, place the tape edge on one shoulder and stretch it to the other end of shoulder, note down the measurements.
  • For measuring the sleeves, you have to place the tape edge on the shoulder and then stretch it till the length you require, either half or full sleeve. Take the measurements where the seam joins the sleeve. You can also encircle the biceps to take the biceps measurements which give more accurate fitting.
  • Holding the measuring tape from the where the seam joins the collar you can stretch it down and measure the front length.
  • Measuring the waist is simple like stomach measurements; all you need to do is round the tape around the waist and note the measurements.
  • Measuring the inseam and out is starting from the edge to the floor. It is better if you wear the pair of shoes you prefer always and then measure to achieve right numbers.
  • Keeping to legs apart and encircling the measuring tape around the hip bone area will give you the hip measurements. Do not forget to add couple of extra centimeters in it. The similar manners take the note of thigh measurements.
  • Measurement of U-rise is taken by placing the tape at the middle of front rise, and taking it down towards the crotch and leading it up back to the waistband, having extra length is an advantage.

The above shared ideas would defiantly help you understand your measurements. L & K Bespoke Tailor is also a reasonable tailor in Hong Kong and has a crew of excellent tailors. Find more about taking your measurements at – http://www.lktailor.com/how-to-measures.html