The Fashion Acumen In the world of corporate fraternity, one always needs to be on the forefront to achieve that cult status at workplace by people around looking up to you with dignity and as an inspirational model. Adhering to the stringent deadlines, thinking out of the box ideas, formulating strategies to being a style runner by adorning best of corporate attire are some of the ways to make a mark in the world of corporate business. It gives you that confidence and charm to take on the world keeping the spirits always high. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor offer the Best DealsRead More →

Suits go well in all forms , a suit is the most preferable apparel over others for many events and occasions but there are many essential accessories, and wearable’s which complements the suit and completes it. Accessories depends on the type of suit which can be of many types such as Tuxedo suit, long coat suit , 3 piece suit and many others, these suit relevant accessories are usually which are carried with suit such as Pocket Squares, Ties, Bow ties, brooches , tie pin, button hole pin, cummerbund and many more. Pocket Square – Pocket squares area type of fabric which is partially insideRead More →