Win With Style The game of fashion is the most enticing and interesting of all the other games of life as its layers are full of retail therapy, the charisma of style and quality of rich fabrics plus it has much more to it that keeps the players hooked on to it. But one important part that one needs to keep in his mind is to have a strong back and support of a designer or a stylist that strive its best to make a win-win situation. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the classy Bespoke Tailor in Stamford makes you play the gameRead More →

Look Flawless 6th June’ 2016 It is not the fashion choices that makes us look good but is the styling of the garment and the way it adorns our body language and lifestyle makes us stand apart. Style is a very important element of fashion that has the power to elevate one’s personality and aura to a new high as styling of the garment is done as per the precise measurements, specifications and detailed selection suiting one’s body type. Such are the traits and repute of bespoke fashion. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Top Tailors in Stamford CT are the veterans inRead More →