Best-In-Class The true luxury of fashion is when our designer and stylists on job understands our exact requirements, lifestyle, taste and preferences along with giving their due suggestions on what will look good or not suiting our personality and this is main difference between ready made garments and bespoke custom-made garments. The concept of bespoke fashion makes us soak in the luxury of fashion by providing top-notch quality in every facet, impeccable fits, world-class styling details and above all effortless style and comfort. There are seldom designers of this stature and the ones are the rare gift to the fashion fraternity. We at L &Read More →

The Power Dressing A man’s personality needs no introduction as the definitions of his aura and charm are very strong. His charismatic style to hold and take on a conversation to new levels with his wit, his unique way of giving attention to minute details in a relationship or in professional life that makes him trustworthy or his affable way of talking with people of all age groups makes him full of chivalry and elegance. Even his minimalistic style of fashion dressing makes him the cynosure as anyways their choices are limited and whatever they are, should spell pure and immense class. We at LRead More →