Looking for bespoke tailoring and different phases by best suit tailor in Hong Kong?

L & K Bespoke Tailors are among the best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong and across the world. We not only rank in the list of top 10 tailors in Hong Kong but also prove our position through the excellent quality custom tailor suits by highly experience bespoke tailors in the crew.

Process behind crafting the grade-A quality bespoke suit by the popular tailor in Hong Kong needs deep involvement of the customer at every stage. Below stated is an outline of how your bespoke suit is designed and tailored.

Stage 1: We offer the finest fabric options to you so that you can pick the most desired renowned fabric for your bespoke suit. Along with our team which has best custom tailors in Hong Kong will make a note of your body measurements bearing in mind various postures and positions. These expert popular tailors then hand cut the fabric to your measurements and hand stitch it with no proper finishing, keeping it provisional fixed and this defines the real meaning of ‘bespoke’ which include the ‘baste’ stage.

Stage 2: Leading to this you will be again offered the temporary suit or incomplete rough finished suit to try and our best tailors will attentively mark down all the required changes and alterations needed to be done. Finest fitting to your bespoke suits will be noted. You can take the opportunity to have alterations done here as the suit is still at ground level crafting stage.

Stage 3: A better cut and defined suit is now presented to you for another check of measurements and body fittings considering the cuts and patterns. Best tailors in Hong Kong believe in proving only the best.

Stage 4: This is namely the final stage of measurement check and the find out whether the bespoke suit fulfills every single need providing luxury and comfort with right highlight of contours. Our dedicated team is best custom tailors in Hong Kong for their out-and-out service and keen interest they take in every single product.

Stage 5: Now you are all set to have your new bespoke suit and flaunt your style and charm. L & K Bespoke Tailors provide high quality at the same time we verify to be reasonable tailors in Hong Kong and across the globe.