Looking for weeding out fit by best tailor in Hong Kong?

Need ideas and suggestions for wedding attire?

While deciding your wedding outfit have you got the same thought? Wedding day is the most special day in one’s life and you can get the valuable suggestions regarding your dressing by best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong. L & K Bespoke Tailor is popular tailor in Hong Kong and has achieved the label because of it supreme quality tailoring and experienced bespoke tailors in team.

When the wedding season is up, a lot of room for fashion variations and color combinations arises. Most important thought is about coordinating the colors of outfit between the wedding couple. You have the choice to dress according to the theme of your wedding by matching the colors but having a contrast will give you both unique appearances still blending well together. Best custom tailor in Hong Kong have suggestion over the same.

  • If your bride is fond of some baby colors like pink and purple you can always have the tie and pocket square of the same color to keep a contrast. The coordination is little but will be highlight is your dark colored choice suit.
  • You can also choose the contrast colors of what the bride’s outfit. For example if your bride prefers her dream red gown you can opt for a cream suit to maintain the overall look synchronized.
  • You can both wear dark colors but of right combined shade just like if the bride picks a deep purple color then you can contrast it with a grey or black color outfit too.
  • White is a universal color but do not take it granted and think twice before making experiments in contrast to it.

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