Time to pick up collar variations!

Tailoring and fashion world have seen various collars adding in to the trends. Top 10 tailors in Hong Kong including the famous tailor in Hong Kong that is L & K Bespoke Tailor have been a vital part of the bespoke tailoring industry since a significant time and have patterned vivid styles of collars in men shirts understanding their personality, physique and style.

If you are looking for reasonable tailor in Hong Kong, our brand name ranks highest in the list with its affordable price range in custom tailored suits, custom men’s shirts and every bespoke garment one can imagine in the wardrobe. The change in the men’s fashion in noticeable, be it tailor made suits in Hong Kong or tailored shirts in Hong Kong. The phase has also brought a revaluation in bespoke shirts online which now offers every possible pattern to the customers on a single click. L & K Bespoke Tailor in this sector proves to best online tailor creating a wonderful shopping experience for the buyers.


Few collar styles are outlined work hours and some after work necessity of men. As noted by popular tailor in Hong Kong, today’s generation prefers a narrow, short and wide spread collar which allows slim fit. It also allows the tie to be loosened up for after work events keeping it quick and fashionable. The spread collar style dominates among the other available styles for casual event that are less informal and inclined towards official look. Forward point states to be one of traditional collar style and the tab in similar way is pretty out fashioned these days.  Cutaway collar allows big tie knots offering a red-carpet look but gain is a not the perfect match for extra casual or extra formal event making it a complicated pattern to be picked. Button down is yet at times clubbed to be match casual wear but as mentioned earlier the spread collar style rules.

Your panache is your decision and hence L & K Bespoke Tailor offers finest bespoke garment option that are rightly explained on the official website www.lktailor.com