Professional suit vs. Casual suit

L & K Bespoke Tailor are the expertise in the field of bespoke tailor and have famed positioned in the list of top 10 tailors in Hong Kong. Being among the best suit tailor in Hong Kong not only increases the popularity but also the responsibility and hence company strongly believes in commitment towards finest suits and bespoke garments. The crew consists of expert stylists and best custom tailors in Hong Kong.

Are you lost while deciding between professional suits and casual suits? The best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong are a part of L & K Bespoke Tailors family offering the experienced views and thoughts over the suits and other bespoke garments too. Picking up the right suit for a professional meeting or daily work is as vital as having your presentations designed neatly. It is rightly quoted that ‘First impression is the last’ and hence do not forget to have the sharp look at your business meetings or casual events as each moment in your life is crucial and certainly your fashion is being noticed. We believe none of your customers or readers want to walk with an off-the-cuff look.

The choices available in bespoke suits for different colors is vast but when it comes to a professional suit you should definitely opt for a darker colors which includes black, navy blue, dark grey or darkest brown. These colors enhance the sophisticated and smart look. It is always suggested to have it teamed up with the right dress pants to bring in the finest finishing touch. Choosing among the patterns, a double-breasted suit is the one you need for the formal look which asks you to fasten all the buttons leaving no scope for casual touch. It is very important to style your formal look with an appropriate silken tie to give the final touch of elegance and smartness.

Casual suits on the other end are expected to deliver a free and spontaneous look. The colors which are to be chosen while deciding a casual suits should always focus on lighter shades and these lighter colored fabrics allows you to have a fresh look. A single- breasted suit will be more preferred as a casual suit considering that only single button has to be fastened allowing a more comfortable and luxurious general look. You are not compelled to wear a tie with this attire but depending upon the need of event and occasion you can always have accessories options with you.

Whether you chose a formal suit or non-formal suit, L & K Bespoke Tailor highly suggests you to maintain the level of style and class in your appearance which means that you should be careful about having no or minimum wrinkles on the suit you are wearing which delivers a clean neat look. Do not forget to have the right pick of accessories like appropriate color tie, pocket square, studs and cufflinks. Let the accessories behave as an add-up and not dominate the entire look.

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