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What is a better a bespoke linen shirt or a general stitched linen shirt? A men’s linen shirt is apparel found in every men’s wardrobe. When we talk about men’s apparel we definitely mean men’s fashion and linen shirts for men play an essential role in it. Different men have different taste but what is common among all is the need of good fitted clothes. A lot of discussions have been made about a general stitched linen shirt and bespoke linen shirt in many different forums and blogs. L & K Bespoke Tailor are expertise in bespoke tailoring and understand the need of men’s bespoke garments. Here we would likeRead More →

Looking for accessories from best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong? L & K Bespoke Tailors are popular tailors in Hong Kong and is growing with experience and excellence in products across the globe. Positioned among the top 10 tailors of Hong Kong, we have committed ourselves in providing high quality bespoke garments which are tailored only by the best custom tailors in Hong Kong. Our expert bespoke tailors understand the need of appropriate styling and design and hence never forget the vital factor of accessories. If you are looking to enhance your suit or jacket with a little variation all what you need is a pocket square made up of finestRead More →