Look like a true blue star with L & K Bespoke Tailor: the best Hong Kong Tailors in Montreal.

The Aura of Fashion

25th and 26th September’ 2016:

There is a certain aura about the celebrities and stars that make them stand apart from the rest of the crowd. They are an inspiration for many and their iconic fashion choices are worth taking notes and are on the aspirations books of one and all. The catch about their fashion picks is that they understand their body language and individual lifestyle too well, that helps them customize all their fashion outfits earning them the covet of a star.

Custom Suit in Montreal


We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the most preferred Travelling Tailor in Montreal is arriving to your city very shortly presenting Best Bespoke Suits in Montreal with the range of other bespoke garments like shirts, trousers, blazers, waistcoats, topcoats, overcoats, trench coats, sports jackets, tuxedos and more revealing your true bonafide star:

In the city of Montreal, Made to Measure Shirts from our house are handcrafted using rich quality fabrics from best of the mills and branded clothiers in various patterns, textures and color shades that compliment on our Tailored Suits in Montreal and even work apt as a fashion staple for office wear, dinner dates, social gatherings, after office parties and more.

The Made to Measure Suits from our house are known for their impeccable fits and intricate styling details but it is the play of accessories like ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, lapel pins, scarves and more that add the required edge and bling to the entire look making you the cynosure of any event and making us the preferred brand for Bespoke Suits in Montreal.

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