Look extraordinaire with L & K Bespoke Tailor: the top Hong Kong Tailors in Basel.

The Class- Apart

21st and 22nd October’ 2016:

Being ordinary is mundane and quite a run of a mill concept in the fraternity of fashion that keeps on changing itself with every passing day and seasons. One needs to add the touch of extraordinary that is path breaking and looks outlandish once presented to the world. Be it the play of colors, the blend of various fabrics, the fusion of varied styles or setting the new trend with the mixture of all; something always needs to be enticing and class apart in this dynamic field of fashion.

Bespoke Tailors in Basel

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the coveted Bespoke Tailors in Basel are stepping down to your city very shortly presenting the range of bespoke fashion outfits that will make you look extraordinaire and class apart like no other:  

Our series of Bespoke Suits in Basel are crafted and customized as per the specifications of the customer in the various styles of a tuxedo, single breasted and single breasted providing best of fits and styling details. We use prints like stripes, large and small checkers, and self textured and other blends breaking the monotony for the fashion options for men.  

Our series of blazers and sports jackets are available in fabrics like linen, cotton, velvet, corduroy and other blends giving you a more of urban and modern look. Shades of pastels like pink, light blue; classic hues of blacks, blues, browns, grey and offbeat colors like red, green, khaki and more used doing away from mundane giving entire look a fresh and contemporary vibe earning us the tag of ace Custom Tailors in Basel.

Visit our official website http://www.lktailor.com/bespoke-tailor-sales-tour.html to know more about travel plans and details of best Bespoke Tailors in Basel.