Tips to tie a bow tie

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  • Discussed below is the step by step process of how to tie a bow, all you need to prepare with is bow tie to add-up in your look and a mirror to make it comfortable:It is very important that you keep the strap of the bow tie well attuned considering the collar this gives a definite base. You then have to take the bow tie around your neck under the collar with the center button fastened and make sure that both the loose ends are equal at both sides.
  • To form a knot you need to stretch the right-end towards the left which pases under it firmly. Having done with this it is required that you form a bow shape with the right loose end and the narrower point on the exact center button area. Make sure that the loose end is passed over the mid point of the bow.
  • The formation of loop would be pretty much visible now between the knot at the base and the bow. To have a finishing touch you have to carefully tuck in the center loose end at the back of loop passing through it. Assure that you hold it firm and make a tight knot.
  • Final step to the formation is adjusting the alignment and shape by tweaking it and creating a firm shape by placing the finger in the loop and pulling it. The firmness makes sure the bow is clean and neat.

Do not forget that there is not scope or showing the collar button; you are all set to walk through the event with your charming personality and outstanding panache.