Fabric details for your custom tailored suits

L & K Bespoke Tailors have achieved fame in custom tailored suits and yet have become the most famous tailors in Hong Kong also positioned among top 10 tailors in Hong Kong. Best suits in Hong Kong are guaranteed at our end with features like online tailored suits for international customers looking for best online tailor. The tailor made suits in Hong Kong at our workshops are crafted from the finest fabrics brought from different corners of world proving to be of highest quality and comfort.  We are known as popular tailors in Hong Kong especially for our unbeatable quality and commitments of maintaining the standards we promise.

L & K Bespoke Tailor, the best tailor in Hong Kong appreciates every opportunity to educate customers and readers about the fabrics used in dressmaking custom tailored suits.  Having known about the fact that not every customer is clear with fabric ideas, hence below is the elementary guidelines about the same for making your bespoke tailoring experience a better one.



  • Wool: One of the most demanded and known fabric for men suits is wool which allows your body to breathe because of its natural texture and proves to be a versatile fabric. Defiantly not a choice for people wanting a slimmer looks fabric but adds to be wrinkle free. Few of its type include Worsted fabric which is very durable which not spun instead have carding method used which discards short and rough fibers. Cashmere fabric is popularly known a luxury fabric offering a shine in the look of the suit. Flannel on the other end is the fabric focusing to keep you warm with its heavy fabric.


  • Cotton: Most commonly used for summers and fall, the fabric proves to be durable and offers absorbing factor too. It is simple to maintain and easy to carry.
  • Linen: Popular for its light-weight, linen fabric makes its place for warmer days but for sure not a choice for daily wear as it creases easily which is the only flaw in it.
  • Polyester, Silk: Polyester fabric and Silk are both give a shiny look to the suit but the first give a cheap look and the second slightly richer. Also the first is considered non-breathable whereas second is breathable fabric.
  • Velvet: One of the luxurious fabric is the velvet which soft in touch and equally breathable  


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