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03rd September’ 2016

With the changing times and revolution of the digital era, fashion has become the most integral part of our lives. Every hour and minute we are hooked on to our social media handles witnessing the latest and upcoming trends in the fashion industry plus our favorite celebrities inspiring us to new ends of style and fashion by showcasing the best of fashion garments and accessories. The new style rage is taken over by the other forming a new trend with giving us options in abundance for us to choose from.

top Hong Kong Tailor in Auckland

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the acclaimed Custom Tailor from Hong Kong is arriving to the city of Auckland very shortly presenting wide range of fashion outfits:

With the changing dynamics of fashion, the party wear collection for men is just not restricted to fashion staples like shirts, trousers or suits, fusion is the new trend ruling the market. Our collection of sports jackets and blazers are crafted with fabrics of various prints like checkers, stripes, vintage and more that compliment well with pants or chinos that are handcrafted by our expert team of masters oozing out a contemporary vibe making you class apart at any party and earning us the label of Best Travelling Tailor in Auckland.

We give your office wear collection a new definition as we use evergreen and classic shades along with some offbeat colors and styling patterns breaking the monotony. Shirts are paired with contrasting color of trousers and vice versa plus the play of accessories on bespoke suits gives the entire look a new edge.

With offering Tailor Made Suits in Auckland, we present you and offer of getting two custom- made shirts free with the purchase of every suit.

Visit http://www.lktailor.com/bespoke-tailor-sales-tour.html to know more about sales tour plans of Finest Travelling Tailor in Auckland.