How to take your measurements for the perfect tailored suit

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How to take your measurements for the perfect tailored suit

To ensure custom-made tailor clothes that fit you perfectly, taking accurate measurements of your body is essential. Taking your own measurements can be done in only 10-15 minutes with the help of a tailor’s tape measure. To get the best results, it is recommended to wear a shirt and take out anything in the pockets of your trousers during the process. The measurements collected during the process can then be saved to your LK Tailor profile for easy reference when customizing clothes. By following these instructions, you will soon be able to make tailored clothing that perfectly accentuate your individual style.


Taking exact measurements is the key to getting a perfect, custom fit from famous Hong Kong tailors. It’s important to keep the tape measure horizontal and perfectly parallel to the floor when measuring circumferences – don’t pull it tight, let it lie flat against your body. Starting from the right end and following through without adding or subtracting extra centimeters will help ensure an accurate fit. This is especially true for asymmetrical body shapes – you will be asked to take separate measurements of both limb circumferences since subtle differences can make a significant impact on the final result. Taking your time with these individual steps will ensure the famous Hong Kong tailors craft clothing that fits your body just right.


Measuring your chest, neck, and shoulder width correctly is essential in getting custom tailored suits that fit perfectly. Getting the right measurements will ensure the suit looks and feels great. To measure your chest circumference, place a tape measure below your armpits, horizontally in line with your nipples, while relaxing your arms at your sides. For your neck circumference, make sure the tape is slightly below Adam’s apple without pulling it too tight. Lastly, to measure shoulder width accurately start at the left outside edge of the shoulder where the sleeve begins and trace it to the right side, following the natural curve of your back. Ultimately these precise measurements will give you a custom tailored suit that fits like no other.


Shopping for the perfect tailored suit can be a daunting task, but luckily, with help from L&K Tailor, creating your dream ensemble is easier than ever. In order to create the best fit possible, L&K tailor suggests taking all of the necessary measurements with their tailor measurements chart which includes the neck circumference and sleeve length. Next, you’ll want to take the full chest circumference, both arms and your waist circumference in order to achieve that tailor-made look. For those extra little details such as trouser length and cuff width, simply follow


the easy instructions provided by L&K tailor and you’ll soon have the perfect custom tailored suit that fits like a glove! With a tailor measurements chart from L&K Tailor, suit shopping has never been so stress-free.