How to select the perfect tuxedo for your big day

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How to select the perfect tuxedo for your big day

Different Styles of tuxedos available


There is no shortage of different styles of tuxedos available for today’s modern man. From traditional tails to contemporary shawl collars and custom made tuxedos, the perfect formal wear for a special occasion can easily be found. One can go for a single-breasted slim fit peak lapel tuxedo for a classic look, or opt for something edgier such as a double-breasted peaked shawl collar. When a custom tailored suit is desired then custom made tuxedos are an excellent choice – they’ll fit perfectly and make you look like the best dressed in the room! Whatever style of tuxedo you choose will make sure your formal event goes off without a hitch.


What type of fabric is best for your climate and personal preferences


When it comes to tuxedo customizing, choosing the right type of fabric for your climate and personal preferences is essential. Depending on where you live, the ideal tuxedo material will vary greatly; if you live in a cooler climate, you may want to opt for a thicker material like wool or a heavier twill blend. In contrast, those living in hotter climates may prefer lighter fabrics such as linen or seersucker cotton. To ensure you select the best fabric for your tuxedo and your specific needs, consider utilizing an online tuxedo customizer which will let you easily make all your selections from the convenience of your own home.


Accessories that can complete your look


Accessories can make all the difference when creating a winning outfit. From scarves and hats to necklaces and earrings, a few touches of personality can pull your look together and create an impression that will last. A statement piece of jewelry or an unexpected accessory can show others that you put thought into your style, while having fun with fashion trends. Accessories should always be chosen to best match your body shape, colors, and overall style in order to evoke a classic yet modern look. Your look should never be complete without it!


How to care for your tuxedo after the big day


Caring for your custom tuxedo shirts post-event is key to preserving the quality of the fabric and fit. Your custom cleaning service will likely provide detailed instructions but in general, first it’s important to remove any stains as soon as they appear. Dry-clean custom tuxedos in a special mild detergent and ask your custom cleaner to press them properly with a low-heat iron. After every few wears, get your custom tuxedo professionally cleaned. This process includes steaming, pressing, spot-cleaning, and hanging the garment after cleaning – all measures that help keep that sleek, custom fit intact!


Let us take care of everything – from fittings to delivery. You can relax and focus on enjoying your big day knowing that you look absolutely amazing in your tuxedo.Contact us today to schedule a consultation! We would be happy to help you find the perfect tuxedo for your special day.