Find out what evening attire or the black tie event mean and how to be prepared for it?

Most of the men are not very clear with idea of evening attire. Evening attire commonly refers to the dress code which is most appropriate for a formal instance and celebration. Mostly events like wedding parties, a dinner evenings or formal garden parties are counted as formal occasions. L & k Bespoke Tailor is among the Poplar tailor in Hong Kong and known as best tailor in Hong Kong too. The team of experienced bespoke tailors makes the company products outstanding and a talk-of-the-town. Having listed among top 10 tailors in Hong Kong is a moment of honor for us and a reason to celebrate.

Talking about celebrations we take the chance to put some light over the evening celebrations wear. We are specialized in custom tailored suits, custom men’s shirt, tuxedos and many more. And below discussed are the ideas you can have for your formal evening designed by famous tailors in Hong Kong also one of the best online tailor.

Dress up with a black suit from the collection of best suits in Hong Kong or try the latest black tuxedo. If bored with the black color, you can substitute it with a midnight blue tailor made suits. Prefer single buttoned suits and to have it a proper evening look, silk and satin lapels is the best.

Black tie is a must for evening wears as it is also known as “Black-Tie” event.

Tuxedo vest is in to the fashion these days which lay emphasis on the formal event taking place.

Have the right white colored custom men’s shirt for yourself with a regular collar and have double cuffs. Also pick the pair of trousers which have stain gallons and also seams on its both sides.

Have the suitable pair of leather shoes and designer watch to complete the final look.

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