comfortable and luxurious suit

How to buy a suit?

What factors to consider while buying a fitted suit?

While deciding to buy a suit for yourself, there are prime features which you should consider. Men’s clothing and fashion highly depends upon the comfort derived by the suit tailoring and also by outstanding look you get from the suit. Investing in a suit is an expensive decision and hence it is very important that you understand the factors to be considered before buying a suit.

Below is an over view of factors to be well-thought-out- :

Comfortable and Luxurious suit

The supreme motto of any attire is to feel your real self in the clothing. It is highlyrecommended to see the material of the suit and understanding how comfortable it is. Talking about most versatile suits for men, cotton fabric and the woolen fabric stand out amongst the category of fabrics to deliver highest level of ease and that fine and astonishing look. These fabrics to a greater extend help to keep you dry by absorbing sweat. You can always have a linen suit considering the stylish look but on a practical note it’s not easy to handle as it gets wrinkled very easily. If you opt for an economical suit like a mix fabric of polyester and wool, this may save money in your pocket but for sure will not provide airy space for your body and easiness.

comfortable and luxurious suit
comfortable and luxurious suit

Learn your body size

Suit size is another main factor in suit tailoring and you should always prefer an expert tailor to have the flawless measurement in your record.  You can also learn to measure by self and help yourself find the best fitted suit. A compromise in fitting ruins the entire look of the suit and the money invested goes futile. A right fitted suit is the only one which can give right desired look.


Suit Pattern

Understanding the accurate design for your body and the occasion is essential so that you can choose among the single breasted suits and double breasted suit for tailoring. Mostly the double breasted suit is the pick for a formal meeting but fashion experiments are at your call.


Club the right pair of trousers

The fittings of your trousers are equally important as the suit and hence always have a check and maintain two-finger gap between the waist and the pants. This delivers the perfect fit for the body. A mind full thought should be also given to cuffs and the pleats of your suit trousers.


Minor but Vital

Do not forget to have a check on your collar style and make sure that collar is hugging the neck and no adjustments to the shirt are done for that.  The visibility of the inner shirt around the back collar area, about an inch, is very important. Your suit lapels should always fall flat on your chest and be inconspicuous. Think through the length of the arm sleeves and pay attention that they are tailored with right length and end up near your wrist. Choice of number of buttons is your decision depending on the look and comfort you look for but fashion knowledge says single button and double button suits are more in trend these days.


L & K Bespoke Tailors hopes that the informed details will be of a great help while your prepare your next shopping cart.