Explore various shades of fashion with L & K Bespoke Tailor: the top rated Hong Kong Tailor in Singapore.

Colors, Styles and Luxury

21st and 22nd August’ 2016

Fashion is just not about picking up your favorite garments and feeling good about the same, but there are lot many factors that goes into consideration that makes us pick the right fashion choices that suits and elevates our lifestyle several notches higher. The colors that matches our personality and type of occasion, the fits that embrace us like our second skin making us look flawless and the selection of styles that makes us look suave and slender are the most vitals details that needs to be taken due care.

Hong Kong Tailor in Singapore

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor, your favorite Travelling Bespoke Tailor from Hong Kong are stepping down to your city very shortly making you swing in the realms of true bespoke fashion luxury:

Being the Best Hong Kong Tailor, we present to you the varies assortment of colors like hues of blues, blacks, browns and whites along with offbeat shades like khaki that goes best for chinos and bespoke double breasted suits. Palettes of maroon and red are quite in rage this party season and we craft velvet blazers and sports jackets in this color to make you stand out in style at any event or social gathering.

Staying true to our label of most sought after Tailors in Singapore we follow latest in vogue style that are trending in the market and craft them with utmost precision for you. Styles like single breasted, double breasted, leather jackets, bespoke suits adorned with accessories like lapel pins, cravats, pocket squares and more are trending this season and we make you look dapper with best style picks making us your top of the mind recall for Hong Kong Tailor Recommendation for your friends and family as well that have gained us huge clientele all across the globe.

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