The Fashion Congruence 17th, 18th and 19th March’ 2016 The city of Paris has been the epicenter of fashion since ages and has always played an important role in defining the realms of fashion for the entire world to witness, take notes and follow its timeless glory. From hosting to major fashion shows in the city to housing famous international brands, churning out top models and artists to upping the game of style, it has done it all. Paris has some magical charm and aura of style that once you are in the city, your mind and hearts gets filled with magnificent colors of fashion.Read More →

Make Your Presence Felt 9th and 10th March’ 2016 As they say, life is too short to wear boring clothes. There is new fashion evolving out in the market each and every day with latest styles and unmatched trends. Plus there are so many fashion joints, stylist, design hubs, fashion designers and artists who are self proclaimed top designers. But there are seldom who actually define and rule the dynamic game of fashion by introducing path breaking styles and superlative trends. Upping the fashion stakes give immense confidence and liberation to self and if it is backed by the right hands then the style andRead More →