Splash of Style 15th March’ 2016 Wherever we look around us our mind and heart gets filled with infinite colors. Mother Nature plays her role perfectly by bringing the joy of various shades filling up our black and white life. They are in fact a source of inspiration for us to live our daily routine lives by popping up splash of laughter, celebration and happiness just like colors do their part. The same trick is played in the field of fashion industry as it is incomplete without the array of colors that makes any fashion garment look stylish and take its class several notches higher.Read More →

Rule The World Of Fashion 12th and 13th March’ 2016 The world of fashion changes its styles as the weather changes its seasons. And with the arrival of winters the game of fashion gets even more interesting and enticing as wardrobe gets filled with new collection of clothes suiting the weather. Another high point comes when social circle and party circuit gets abuzz with winter themed parties and events plus it is the season to celebrate whole lot of weddings within family and friends. One gets lot more chances to put the best fashion foot forward. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the BestRead More →