Tie for you and your loved ones

Having the collection of best ties from the popular tailors in Hong Kong is like adding feather to the splendid collection. Top 10 tailors in Hong Kong list includes the well-known name L & K Bespoke Tailor. With originality in every creation we have been the favorite and famous tailors in Hong Kong among the customers. We have the qualified team of craftsmen to style custom tailored suits, custom men’s shirts, tuxedos, bespoke trousers and many more. What we did remember is the accessory collection which completes the men’s wardrobe. Our online shopping facility enables us to provide grade-A quality of bespoke garments and qualifying us as best online tailor too.

Having a rocking tie is the thought every man has in his mind. Haven’t you spent hours thinking about the right match for your garments? So the easiest and safest way to choose is “keep it simple and classy”.  L & K Bespoke Tailor offers various ties which are meant for the celebrations as well as the daily office wear for the customers. We have patterns, solid colors and quality which you can pick from to choose the best for your outfit.


Simple tips for tie are:

  • choose the tie considering the occasion to wear
  • learn the perfect knot according to the celebration
  • do not look for matching tie but also try the contrast color scheme
  • team it up with studs and cufflink to have richer look
  • wear the color that defines you and your personality

L & K Bespoke Tailor garment collections and online shopping options are available for the customers on www.lktailor.com which reflects the original creative work of experienced craftsmen in the team. These collection also makes an awesome gift for your dear ones to enrich special moments and celebration of life.