Planning for your first bespoke suit? Learn the basic tips before opting for bespoke suit tailoring?

Bored with the same old look of yours? Its time to take a break from off-the rack garments and go for for bespoke garments from the best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong. Not to be forgotten that you choose the best and reasonable tailor in Hong Kong. L & K Bespoke Tailor is a fashion world in its own way ranking among top 10 tailors in Hong Kong. Having a bespoke suit is not a regular job but it is a garment to be cherished and enjoyed lifelong. Unlike the regular stitched suits or ready-made garments, these suits by best custom tailors in Hong Kong prove the best for luxury and flair.

Popular Tailor in Hong Kong explains the tips you need to know before buying your bespoke suit for this season:

Your garments speak your style and your pockets decide your garments hence you need to frame the budge foremost and plan how much you are looking forward to spend on a bespoke suit. Do not believe in cheap suits but research and analysis for tailors who deliver the value for the money paid.

Do not experiment much with the fabric colors if at all you are confused or it is your first bespoke suit. Stick to the classic and versatile colored fabric likes the black, dark grey or navy blue.

Choose the renowned fabric understanding the occasion and event you want to wear the suit most of the time.

Learn about your body type and pattern, being honest with yourself and your body postures make sure what you plan to design is appropriate and compliments your physic.

Check your fit, shoulder pattern, lapel and buttons carefully. Every single minute detail you require in your bespoke suit should be rightly narrated to the tailor to get the final outstanding bespoke suit. Check with us to find and fix the best available appointment in your city. Visit our website and explore the details of bespoke world at