What is a better a bespoke linen shirt or a general stitched linen shirt?

A men’s linen shirt is apparel found in every men’s wardrobe. When we talk about men’s apparel we definitely mean men’s fashion and linen shirts for men play an essential role in it. Different men have different taste but what is common among all is the need of good fitted clothes. A lot of discussions have been made about a general stitched linen shirt and bespoke linen shirt in many different forums and blogs.

L & K Bespoke Tailor are expertise in bespoke tailoring and understand the need of men’s bespoke garments. Here we would like to highlight some core points of bespoke linen shirts vs. general stitched linen shirts.

A bespoke linen shirt is a completely customized shirt in other words it is offers you every feature you

speak and ask your bespoke tailor to incorporate. The designs, patters, colors starting from scratch are considered only according to your choice. You are the master of your bespoke linen shirt which will offer your all that designs you can imagine including variations in cufflinks, collars, buttons, pockets and so on. On the other end a general stitched linen shirt has barriers to choice and limitations in designs. You can get a good linen shirt but definitely not the desired linen shirt.

Fitting is the soul of any garment without which the comfort, appearance and style of any apparel gets

tumble-down. Bespoke linen shirt are well fitted shirts which are cut, designed, stitched by best bespoke tailors. From the cuts to the stitching, every phase of crafting the bespoke linen shirt includes your participation. Your suggestions and feedbacks regarding the fittings of every part of the shirt are very important to tailor the final end product. A general bespoke linen shirt does not include your involvement more than once, a single time submission of measurements is taken and the shirt is delivered than after on scheduled date. There is a very high rate chances about being halfhearted while you wear general stitched linen shirt because lack of involvement does not offer the same luxury as a bespoke linen shirt.

The value for your money paid and the finest quality is only achieved by a bespoke linen shirt. Men do look forward to have a great collection of linen shirts but what is important is to keep in mind is the quality, ease and panache you achieve from your linen shirt.