Professional Suit Tailoring Services in Hong Kong for Men & Women  Getting the right look is essential to creating a great first impression and making sure you look your best. For those who want a truly customized wardrobe experience, choosing suit alterations with a professional tailor is a great option. At L & K Custom Tailor in Hong Kong we offer bespoke suit tailoring services for both men and women that will ensure you always look your best.    Our experienced tailors are able to create stylish garments tailored to fit your body perfectly, allowing you to show off your unique style while looking sharpRead More →

Breaking Ground with Custom Tuxedos for Women The days of the traditional, gender-specific formal dress code are slowly fading into obscurity. With a greater emphasis on gender equality and inclusivity, more and more women are choosing to wear custom tuxedos to formal occasions instead of the traditional evening gown. By doing so, these women are challenging the status quo and making a powerful statement about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Let’s take a look at why this is such an important step forward for female empowerment. The Power of Self-Expression For many women, the choice of wearing a bespoke tailoredRead More →