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What is the difference between a suit and top coat? Have you been getting this question in your head? Best bespoke tailors in Hong Kong will have the most appropriate explanation for you. Men’s fashion has been having many variations and styles in it, best custom tailors in Hong Kong do maintain the authenticity of apparel. Every garment crafted by bespoke tailor is distinct. Top 10 tailors in Hong Kong suggest clearing the clouds before buyers highlight the features of both top coat and a suit. When you think about a very bad weather or seasonal change outside on a very important day when you are all suited up for your professionalRead More →

Looking for difference between a general stitched suit and bespoke suit for men? Not every man understands the variance between a bespoke suit and a general stitched suit. A general stitched suit can be likewise named as made-to-measure suits, these suits are personalized keeping in mind your personal measurements but still they do have restrictions. Whereas bespoke suits are the suits designed and tailored from scratch only and only for you. L & K Bespoke Tailors delightedly want to give grounding in you about the essentials you need to know before you decide why you should invest in a bespoke suit. Key differences are highlighted below: Fabric Pattern: A bespoke suitRead More →