Update Your Wardrobe with the Latest Summer Clothes

Most of us believe that what we wear describes what we are and that’s why we are choosing clothes that best describe our personality. As summer approaches, designers all over the country have come up with new styles and trends in men’s and women’s wear. Online shopping for clothes is a best way to get trendy and comfortable casual clothing.

Tips to Buy Garments Online

To keep you looking cool while the sun is very hot, you should choose outfits that are made of lightweight fabrics. At L & K Bespoke Custom Tailor we have linen and cotton which are the best fabric to keep you comfortable since it allows air to pass through. Colors play an important role in keeping you cool during summer. Some of the colors deflect heat and some absorbs it.


Choices of Products

L & K Tailor has wide variety of products and fabrics like linen, cotton and tropical wool. An ideal online store will have plenty of options, available at all sizes and colors. You must select L & K Bespoke Tailor store that allows you choosing from vast range of clothing collection.

Also people are looking for unstructured summer jackets made by Tropical wool or pure cotton. We have world’s finest bespoke custom tailors who are master in custom tailoring. Slow adjustments and a few minor tweaks will ensure that you can hold on to at least some of that summer magic for a little bit longer!

Our special collection will blow your mind & you can browse our website www.lktailor.com on internet to get more information about the current trends in summer fashion.

This Summer Go Casual with Unstructured Jackets & Blazers

Clothes for the upcoming summer season are going to come in a wide range of style and fashion mixes and unusual mismatches that some online shoppers will love. The main thing to keep in mind though, is wearing summer clothes that will exude comfort and self confidence. You need to create a wardrobe that has the best of summer neutral colors. The traditional summer colors are white, cream, light grey, camel, khaki and you can throw in denim too.

There has been an additional list now due to the hangover of popular culture. These colors are Monaco or Navy blue, Dusk blue, grayed jade, and linen. These are considered to be soft colors and will go easy on you! For summer special we have something fabulous collection of fabric that is pure cotton, tropical wool and linen. Now in summer you can carry your style as you want by having custom tailored linen shirts and tailored cotton jacket, L & K bespoke tailor never scarifies your styling taste for any season.


If you are above 20 years then you need to select the right top for you considering your age. Made to measure tailored shirts is the best choice, you will get in half and full sleeve that come in varieties of colors and fabrics like linen, cotton, organic cotton.

linen shirts

Short Jackets

This type of jackets is primarily meant to be worn in summer. They are usually shorter in length than the ones meant for winter. If you want a bolder look, Bespoke cotton unstructured jackets will serve your purpose well.

cotton jacketCotton and Linen form the best comfortable clothing for your physical appearance. These summer clothes for men and women can be worn during travels or even parties without being uncomfortable. Summer can definitely be fun, but you need to know how you can make it a fun event.