Slim fit comfort fit trousers

L & K Bespoke Tailors is specialized is bespoke tailoring and crafting trousers of different patterns and styles for distinct body types is a part of our expertise. The styles usually seen in fashion are slim fit and comfort fit trousers.

Slim fit trousers are highly in trend today. People with slimmer physic prefer to wear this style as it highlights their cuts. Slim-Fit pants are particular styles which drape the body comfortably and are close to the body, not being too skinny and sticky to skin it allows comfortable movement with stylish cut. Few are designed with tampered ankles and maximum have a straight leg style with loose ankles.

Slim fit trouser style is mostly a choice of younger generation today and the form is in fashion since 8-10 years. To a youngster of present era, a trouser is not a right fit unless it is slim fit. The style is ruling the hearts today which allows wearer to flaunt their body shape and cuts. These are highly demanded to be low waist though high waist and regular waist too have their own charm.
Comfort fit trousers are commonly known as regular fit trousers. Comfort fit trousers are designed for people looking for extreme comfort and these are loose pants which allows body movement but at the same time it is should not be mistaken as “baggy” style. They are equally fashionable and people carrying them believe in style and ease at same time.
Comfort fit trousers are demanded by a different group of crowd who looks forward to upgrade their look and walk with an image of maturing and grown-up style. These loose comfortable style indeed is also the classic style for many who do not keep changing styles and appreciates maintaining stability in personal appearance.
At L & K Bespoke Tailors we are a team of experts who have given complete dedication towards the field of fashion and understanding different unique body shapes and sizes with their distinctive requirement. Our knowledge recommends skin fit trousers are not the perfect match to people who come from an athletic background or athletic physic as the style is not at all a right match for muscular thighs. It looks extra tight to the body and also off balance in appearance. Also if it’s a person with extra fats at belly giving a bulky presence, slim- fit trousers again will not be the best choice for them.


It is very important that buyers understand and except their body and offers the best style and comfort accordingly to themselves. L & K Bespoke Tailors’ have stylist who are happy to guide and suggest the patterns one should pick bearing in mind individual’s own body type. If one’s self is interested to look younger, slim- fit is highly suggested and no the other end if in search of mature classy look, comfort fit will definitely offer the luxury. All the trousers we design are crafted to stylize the body and hence we strongly recommend choosing a look which will flatter your own individual body type.
L & K Bespoke Tailors is growing across globe and stretching its zone of experiences, we will be glad to help you and answer to your queries which makes confuse to decide your style. Mail us today at

3 piece suits

Searching for a 3 piece suits?

Looking to have an elegant and versatile 3 piece suit?

3 piece suits is a style in itself which is distinguished among other because of the waist coat added to jacket and pants. L & K Bespoke Tailors is the right place to step in for finding the appropriate bespoke 3 piece suit. Having 3 piece suits in your wardrobe is always the best choice because at time you need feel to remove your jacket at the gathering and having a waist coat gives no compromise to the look you carry and maintains the elegance alone.


 A three piece suits in real sense offers better value foe the money you pay than a two piece suits. It is because the price of awaist coat is combined and also there is additional touch of style which makes the suit versatile. You might not need the waist coat for all the occasions you attend but the time when you need one, you don’t have to hunt for the right match wasting your time.  Having a waist coast simply defines your fashion sense bolding giving a message that you take efforts for your appearance and be presentable for ceremonies and celebrations.

Wearing a three piece suit brings a right comfort to your body shape and the added buckle at the back is designed for adjusting at waist. Larger healthy body may look thinner and thinner bodies get accurate shape.

Attending any wedding ceremony, you definitely want to compliment the host, three piece suit is the perfect pick and also your tie is not extra visible which gives the stylish look but not explicitly.

L & K Bespoke Tailor have their very own stylist who will happily help and guide you to have the unique look for all upcoming events of your life be it a ceremony, wedding reception or even a business meet.

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