Best Country for Tailored Suits, Hong Kong As they say that a man looks complete and in his full glory of fashion and style whenever he wears the suit, and we totally go by this statement or theory as we all have been there and done that. There is no better attire for a man better than a suit especially during the special events and occasions of life such as red carpets, weddings, business events, engagements, and more. Right from looking suave and dapper to making the heads turn and making the women go weak on their knees; a well crafted and tailored suit isRead More →

Top 10 Custom Tailors in Hong Kong It is one of the universal laws of nature that what we attract and think, we become. And the similar theory applies to our fashion lives and lifestyle as well, as fashion has slowly and gradually become one of the most imperative and significant parts of us in the most incredible and magical manner making us look good and feel good every single day. And following the law that is mentioned above it is quite important to attract the realms of fashion that is stylish and complements our personality to the core. We at L & K BespokeRead More →